Warm Space Initiative

Kirkside Bar Warm Space

We recently launched our new initiative to create a warm and welcoming space for anyone who wishes to use it. Between 12 & 3 pm, Monday to Thursday, we will have complimentary tea, coffee, biscuits and newspapers available. Sit back, relax, have a blether and watch some TV.

Our goal is to help out during the current energy crisis, tackle loneliness & help create new friendships.

The Perthshire Advertiser caught up with Bar Manager Alan Cameron to find out more:

Kind-hearted staff at a Perth pub are welcoming in people struggling to keep warm.

The Kirkside Bar – or “the Kirky” as it is well known locally – is a traditional pub in the heart of Perth city centre.

Bar manager Alan Cameron is also the manager of Kinnoull FC and has heard Andy’s Man Club Perth come and talk to his players about the perils of feeling alone.

He wanted to make people feel welcome to come out of their homes and have a warm space to meet without pressure to spend money.

And so, on Monday, he quietly launched a new ‘open house’ initiative.

“I’d been toying with the idea for the past five weeks,” Alan said.

“We are all needing to think about money and heating and staying connected to others, and I wondered if I offered complimentary tea, coffee, biscuits and newspapers in the bar during the quieter week days, if people would take it the right way.

“I’m not encouraging people to come to the pub, I’m not encouraging people to drink, I just felt there was a need for us to live up to the idea of a public house, be a place where you can come and go and meet – or make – a friend.

“A pint in any pub costs the best part of £4 so not everyone is comfortable needing to buy a drink to have a reason to come in.

“Why could we not lend a hand? Some would feel more at home in our bar than going to a church hall for the same thing.

“We have a back room where the TV is and the tea and coffees are set up, but you can take it anywhere you like to drink it and have a blether.

“Don’t stay home and shiver, our heating’s on, come out and make yourself at home. Our goal is to help out during the current energy crisis, tackle loneliness and help create new friendships.”

The warm spaces initiative at the Kirky is for anyone who wishes to use it. The free hot drinks and biscuits plus TV and access to newspapers are available between 12 pm and 3 pm, Monday to Thursday.

*Article Credit – Melanie Bonn